Daily schedule explained

Life in Camp

Our activities:

Evening fun:

  • Fancy night
  • Karaoke
  • Murder mysteries
  • Pampering evening
  • Pool parties
  • Quiz nights
  • Disco
  • Casino
  • Cinema experience
  • BBQ night


  • Horse riding
  • Swimming
  • Baranta*
  • Archery
  • Football
  • Martial arts
  • Table tennis
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Volleyball
  • Cycling
  • Canoeing


  • Camp fires
  • Camping
  • Climbing
  • High ropes
  • Low ropes
  • Paintball**
  • Paragliding**
  • Hot air balloon flight**


  • Cookery
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Singing
  • Playing instruments
  • Friendship bracelets
  • Painting
  • Jewelry making
  • Pottering

* Authentic Hungarian self-defense sport including art of whipping, horse archery, sword, other self-defense techniques.

** Depending on weather conditions

Wake up - Each cabin group in a unit takes a turn being on unit wake-up. The group goes cabin to cabin singing or chanting to wake up their fellow campers. Sundays the campers and staff get a chance to sleep late.

Unit Assembly - The unit gathers each morning for flag raising and announcements. Cabin groups each have a turn raising the flag and leading a song or activity at Unit Assembly. Any camper or staff member in the unit may make an announcement during unit assembly. At the evening Unit Assembly, the flag is lowered and campers and staff again have an opportunity to make announcements to the unit.

Waitresses to the Dining Hall to set tables - Campers share this responsibility with their cabin mates. Each day one or two campers are assigned to be waitresses. On the days that a camper is waitress they report to the dining hall 15 minutes before the meal and set their cabin group's table. At the end of the meal they are responsible for cleaning up and sweeping.

Campers needing medication go to the Infirmary- Campers who need medication while they are at camp will need to report to the Infirmary 15 minutes before the meal to take their medication. Families will have an opportunity to meet with the medical staff to discuss the scheduling of medication for their child. All medication needs to stay in the Infirmary including over-the-counter medications and vitamins. There is no need to send common, as needed medications such as paracetamol or aspirin as the Infirmary has a supply of these items and will dispense them to your child as needed.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner - A few things about meals:

  • •Cabin groups sit together at each meal with their counselors.
  • • There are a few announcements and grace before the meal. The host of the meal will also let the campers and staff members know what the meal is, what the recommended portion size is and if there is a vegetarian option or other options available at the meal (vegetarian options are always available when the main course is a meat item).
  • • Vegetarian items may contain dairy and eggs.
  • • Campers are asked to take only what they think they will eat but they are welcomed to get more once they have finished their first portion of food.
  • •There is a fruit and cereal bar available at every breakfast with several cereal options (including a hot cereal option), assorted yogurts and fresh fruit.
  • •There is a salad bar at every lunch and dinner with a wide variety of items available.
  • •Campers with severely restricted diets or food allergies should contact us before arriving at camp to see if special considerations need to be made. Camp cannot provide specialized food to campers with food restrictions other than vegetarian. Campers may want to bring food from home to supplement severe food restrictions.
  • • Often there are songs and announcements following the meal. Campers can get a preview of some of the popular camp songs in our Camp Songbook (this would be a link)

Cabin Cleaning and Shared Responsibility to follow breakfast - Every camper has a job that they are assigned to do each day and each cabin group has a job that they will do together each day. Camper jobs include things like sweeping the floor in the cabin, picking up candy and mail for the cabin after lunch, being the waitress for meals, straightening out the clothes line, and emptying the cabin garbage. Cabin groups will have a responsibility that they do together such as picking up trash in a particular area of camp, sweeping one of the lodges, or helping clean the unit washhouse. There is a short period after breakfast when everyone is working on these responsibilities.

Morning Cabin Time - This time together as a cabin group is the heart of the camp program. Campers and counselors meet to discuss activities they want to do in the mornings together. Cabin groups will do a different activity each morning and they will always do the activity together. Some activities will be created by the campers and staff, some will be traditional activities that have been done before and some will involve a visit to one of the program areas such as the farm.

Free Choice period – Program Areas and the Waterfront are open. - The Free Choice Period is time when campers choose their activities and can move freely about the camp. Program areas and the waterfront are fully staff and counselors are on duty in the units to for questions or issues. Campers can go down to the waterfront to swim. ( Lifeguards are on duty to ensure swimming is safe and well supervised), stop by a program area to try an activity, spend time with friends, or stop by the camp store to shop. During the afternoon free time the waterfront is closed.

Sick Call at the Infirmary – Please arrive at the Infirmary by 11:00 AM - Twice a day, the camp pediatrician is available to see campers who are ill or have other health concerns during the sick call time. The camp infirmary staff is available throughout the day for minor issues as well.

Siesta – it is a brief rest time back at the cabin with the cabin group and counselors. Campers may write letters or read during this time.

Afternoon Activities – Campers choose afternoon activities after they arrive at camp. An orientation day will introduce them to the activities, skill levels, and coordinators for each activity. All campers are expected to participate in afternoon activities. The following is a list of activities that are being offered. Please note that activities will change based on the skills of the staff and the interests of the campers.
Campers will choose six activities. They will have three of the classes Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons and the two other classes Tuesday, Thursday afternoon.

Afternoon Activity Choices:

  • • Arts: Arts & Crafts, Ceramics, Sewing, Creative Writing, Jewelry Making, Photography
  • •Dance & Performing Arts: Dance, Music, Drama, Musical
  • •Challenge: High/Low Ropes, Climbing
  • •Target Sports: Archery (all ages)
  • •Land Sports: Fitness, Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, Yoga
  • •Waterfront: Canoeing, Kayaking, Swimming (lessons & advanced classes), Swim For Fun
  • •Ranch: Farm, Horseback Riding, Gardening/Composting
  • •Other: Colonial Living, Cooking, Outdoor Living Skills, Nature

Unit Activity, Cabin Activity, or Special Program – In the evenings, campers participate in larger group activities. Most evenings are spent together as a unit doing a variety of fun activities. Examples of evening unit programs are:

  • •How well Do You Know Your Counselor? - This is a game show style activity where cabin groups compete to see which cabin group knows their counselor best by answering trivial questions about their counselor.
    Sing Down - A game where cabin groups compete to see which group can come up with the most songs with a particular word or theme.
  • •Capture the Flag - This is a good old fashion camp game where the group is split into two groups who search for the other team's flag trying to avoid being captured within the other teams boundaries.
  • •Predator/Prey - Another fun running/tag game where groups are broken down into different animal groups representing all the layers of the food chain.

Goodnight Circle after every evening activity – After a busy evening of running and having fun, campers need time to switch gears to prepare for bedtime. At the end of each evening whether we are together as a cabin group or as a whole camp, the group joins hands and sings several of our quieter, goodnight circle songs. Campers wash, brush teeth and get ready for bed. - After goodnight circle, campers and staff return to the units to prepare for bed.

Cabin Chats followed by bedtime – Every evening the cabin group gathers together for a final "chat" of the day. Most counselors start by inviting each camper to share a highlight of their day. During cabin chat, one person speaks at a time while the group listens. Every member of the cabin group gets a turn but everyone also has the option to pass. Following the highlight of the day counselors ask a question that each member gets a chance to answer. Questions can be fun or serious but are designed to help the cabin group get to know each member of the group better.