Welcome the website of English Leisure and Education!

Our summer camp, language course and student work organizer team gladly welcomes every enquirer.

Our profession is to entertainingly teach the future generations, improve their personality and language skills, and extend the range of their positive experiences.

We are convinced in our camps, that the most ideal way to improve the youth’s personality and command of language leads through social, still individually appropriate, and full of life programs.
Our goal is to teach our campers a right self-knowledge, a proper way of self-expression, to make them improve their social skills and behavior, while they learn the English language, earn great experiences, and participate in life-lasting adventures.

In our language courses, we form the curriculum to be perfectly in match with the students’ capabilities, and we pay special attention to personal competences and needs. Our beginner, basic, semi-advanced and advanced courses are operating with the effort of professional care and maximum efficiency.
We believe that the real success is when a student can confidently level up in his or her command of language, so we are not intending on teaching them unrealistic exercises. We want them to use their English in a life-like way.

Our student work opportunities are in the United Kingdom, and we aim the 16-24 years old age-group, with provided accommodation. Even a beginner knowledge of English can be enough for certain jobs, since the goal is the same in this case as well; we want the students to gain relevant knowledge and language proficiency, while they gather life-lasting experiences.

With our 20 years in the profession, we work with our full heart and soul to arouse the children’s, teenagers’ and young adults’ interests. The initial aim is to plant the seeds of knowledge for a social and individual prosperity, and to improve their foreign language skills, together with their other capabilities. This way we can show them a chance for a happy and consistent life.